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"The Way Nature Intended"​

AE Natural Meats  a family farm that strives to produce Premium Meats by raising our animals the way nature intended. To achieve this the well being of our Lambs, Cows , Chickens, Turkeys and Pigs come first. We raise them in a stress free environment of grazing in grass pastures without antibiotics, steroids, and hormones .

Our Farm Store is Open.

To schedule an appointment time please call 905-955-5749 or email us [email protected]  for instore shopping. 

: Masks are mandatory

:  Same day Appointments are available

: No Contact Pick-Up is available upon request

:Local Delivery can be arranged.

"Finally someone is thinking about people with serious allergies and health issues. The best Tantalizing Lamb sausages I have ever had. Keep on making them, I finally found meat that doesnt trigger my Celiac Disease."

Chef Ingrid Hitchins

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